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Future Problem Solving introduces me to problem-solving as a process.

In 5th grade, I was introduced to Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI). Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) organizes academic competitions in which students apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to hypothetical future situations. I started with the written competition, but soon found a passion for the Community Problem Solving (CmPS) competition, that allowed our team to impact communities in real time. We attended two international conferences and took home several awards. I participated in CmPS through graduation.



I enroll in Rice University as a pre-med English Literature major.

Situated among the Texas Medical Center and a grove of owl-filled trees, Rice University was the college of my dreams. I began coursework that I believed would set me up for my then-dream job — Medical Examiner. Yep, the kind with the dead bodies. I was even a Rice University cheerleader for a whole year. We won our football conference that year!

Aug 2013


I start an internship with Rice University Housing and Dining.

Rice University Housing & Dining provided me a place to grow as a designer. Before my internship, social media and design were hobbies. Through the unparallelled support my boss and mentor provided me, my passion for design and bringing delight to users/customers began to grow.

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A fellowship with the Kinder Instititute for Urban Research Community Bridges leads me to design tech solutions for childhood literacy.

My Community Bridges Fellowship was a partnership with School Literacy and Culture, a portion of the Rice University Glascock School that focuses on early childhood literacy through storytelling. My fellowship allowed me to work both on the funder-focused challenges faced by the SLC, as well as work hands-on with children and parents in an ESL preschool in Houston. Through this experience, I saw how my passions for literature, design, and problem solving could collide.

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Aug 2015


The Medical Humanities Minor is officially ratified at Rice University, allowing me the opportunity to collaborate with Texas Children's Hospital on my first human-centered-design/UX project in healthcare.

The curriculum I'd been crafting for myself—one that combined the sciences of medicine and the humanities—was codified. A new course became available that matched my interests: Medical Media Arts Lab. We were encouraged to think about the way patients interact with and consume media, how this impacts their care, and how media can be used to improve the quality of care. I was enthralled by the concepts of narrative medicine, human-centered design, and technology as a resource for a slow-moving industry to bring value to patients as people.

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Fall 2016


I graduate from Rice University.

I was one the first two students to graduate from Rice with a minor in Medical Humanities, in addition to my major in English Literature and minor in Biochemistry & Cell Biology. One of the last projects I completed at Rice was my English capstone project, in which I combined my design passion with another personal interest—environmentalism—in a digital zine.

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May 14 2017

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I move to LA to become a UX designer in healthcare.

I struggled a lot with whether or not med school was still the right path for me. I had spent so much of my academic life exploring different ways my passions and interests could combine to make something better for the world. I didn't want to wait any longer to make an impact. So I packed all of my belongings and drove the 24 hours from Houston to Los Angeles, joining a small, bootsrapped agency who had happened upon a focus in healthcare. Through my work and mentorship at Sidebench, I've grown into my design, user research, facilitation, and leadership skills. I can't wait to see what other impact-making the future has in store for me.

May 15 2017